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Created by Jazmin M. Burrell, Lizzie Della Creative Strategies is a boutique creative shop specializing in the development of meaningful brand strategies.


We are passionate about celebrating cultural nuances by creating impactful work designed to inspire and ignite the upcoming creative class.

In a world where creative agencies are using the term “culture” as a facade to develop internal cliques and basic Mad Men cliches instead of their clients’ audiences, Lizzie Della focuses on producing real ass work with a real ass team.

We are a strategy-led agency that wants to make a true difference in the world of advertising and have a damn good time doing it. There will be laughs, tears and frustrations that make our team at Lizzie Della that much more human and make the work that much stronger. We are a professional family dedicated to developing substantive creative strategies and building long-lasting relationships with our brands.

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Our Story

Inspired by the tenacity and creativity of my late great-grandmother, Lizzie Della Creative Strategies was created to be an leader in cultural creative marketing strategies. Having consulted brands from small start-ups to large corporations, Lizzie Della Creative Strategies stands by our Brand Values in every project to make sure our clients are getting the most authentic work to best represent the culture and your brand.

The Lizzie Della team is diverse. And not the ad world definition of “diverse” -- that tends to overlook talent of color. Especially those from a lower socioeconomic class. No. Our team hails from all corners of the United States and everyone has various passions, backgrounds and beliefs but share the same desire to inspire and ignite the upcoming creative class through meaningful work.

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